What is GLEEfi?

A community based network providing public access to ultrafast Wi-Fi across the Manchester Village.

How can your business sign up to GLEEfi?

Please click on the button below to find out more.

GLEEfi Pricing

Residential Economy
£35per month
  • 100meg+ Mild Usage
  • Ideal for a couple of home users streaming standard definition movies.
  • No download limits
  • Low Latency for Gaming
  • Fast Streaming
  • Fantastic for basic Social Media Use
Business Ultra Fast
£60per month
  • 400meg+ Heavy Usage
  • Business Class Ultra Fast Fiber for Fast PDQ & Guest WIFI
  • No download limits
  • Rapid PDQ Transactions
  • Suitable for Advertisement Screens
  • Guest WIFI for Customers

GLEEfi is proud to be a supporter of local businesses and LGBT Charities

LGBT Foundation